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The sculptures of Fritz Unegg combine with the voices of the characters to create a unique experience. More




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Dimitris Lyacos's narrative trilogy Poena Damni is a dark allegory focusing on the extremes of human existence. The story unfolds on a motif of fragmented monologues - isolated visions of characters almost in a state of trance. More

Dimitris Lyacos


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THE FIRST DEATH. Poena Damni Book 3. (Second Revised Edition). Translated by Shorsha Sullivan. May 2017. Kindle Edition. [Buy now]


Z213: EXIT. Poena Damni Book 1. (Second Revised Edition). Translated into English by Shorsha Sullivan. October 2016. Shoestring Press. [Buy now]

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With the People from the Bridge (Poena Damni vol. 2) Translated in English by Shorsha Sullivan. Shoestring Press, October 2014.

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DER ERSTE TOD (second edition). Translated in German by Nina-Maria Wanek. Verlagshaus J. Frank. Berlin, March 2014. Order now from   

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Omnibus N. 54. A selection of excerpts translated in Spanish by Javier Aldabalde and Marcelo de Maio. Granada, March 2017.

Asymptote Journal. An excerpt from Z213: EXIT (Second Revised Edition). Greek original, English translation and audio version. October 2016.

Greek Avant Garde Poetry. Collected and Edited by Panos Bosnakis. Big Bridge Magazine, Autumn 2016.

M'Sur Magazine. A selection of excerpts from the Poena Damni trilogy, translated in Spanish by Alessandro Lo Coco. Madrid, Spain, October 2015.