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Welcome to the official compendium of information and resources on the contemporary author Dimitris Lyacos. Along with news on current publications, here you will find regular updates on readings and other events as well as reviews and interviews in journals and other literary sources.

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An interview with Dimitris Lyacos
John Taylor Interviewing Dimitris Lyacos

May 2018 | publications

Your name appears on various lists of postmodern literature, among others, in the new edition of Fran Mason’s Historical Dictionary of Postmodernist Literature and Theater. In fact, you are the only Greek author included in a volume spanning more than half a century of postmodernism. In the “Lyacos” entry of the dictionary, your work is classified as late modernist/postmodernist and you are also mentioned in the preface as a postmodernist author ...

WindyCity Greek
A feature on Dimitris Lyacos on WindyCity Greek

Apr 2018 | reviews

Greek poet and playwright Dimitris Lyacos is someone you should know. From one poet about another, here’s why. Just in time for National Poetry Month!

De Homère à Lyacos
An Overview of Greek Poetry


Café poétique organisé par le Centre d'Animations de Lesparre-Médoc. for more info visit this link events365.fr

An interview with Dimitris Lyacos
The Gulf Coast Journal

Feb 2018 | publications

An interview with Dimitris Lyacos in The Gulf Coast Journal. Winter/Spring 2018, Texas, USA.

Z213: EXIT (French Edition)

Jan 2018 | reviews

C'est un texte polymorphe, qui met en oeuvre tous les signes de l'ultramodernité, ce que l'on appelait autrefois l'avant-garde, pour renforcer sa densité "transgenre" et l'étrange de son propos.

Poets Live Paris
A reading on the occasion of the 2nd edition of The First Death


POETS LIVE, Paris. A reading on the occasion of the second edition of The First Death featuring Dimitris Lyacos and his French translator Michel Volkovitch. 17 December 2017, 19.00, Paris, France.

Z213: EXIT French Edition
Poena Damni. Translated by Michel Volkovitch, Published by: Le Miel des Anges

Nov 2017 | BOOKS

Une évasion, des trains, des soldats, une Bible annotée, la nuit qui s’étend, l’effort pour se cacher, pour se souvenir, l’homme une errance en forme de cauchemar, cache-cache avec la mort ou peut-être aussi avec Dieu. Z213 : Exit est la première partie d’une trilogie, Poena Damni, ...

Z213: EXIT in German-Romanian Anthology
Border portraits

Nov 2017 | publications


Poena Damni Book 3. 2nd Revised Edition, Published by: Shoestring Press

Oct 2017 | books

Despite being first in the publication history of the Poena Damni trilogy, Dimitris Lyacos's The First Death is the latest installment of the narrative sequence. A booklet found by the protagonist of Z213: EXIT during the course of his voyage, The First Death tells the story of a marooned man on ...

Writing.ie / Prick of the Spindle Journal
Z213: EXIT by Dimitris Lyacos (2nd Edition)

Oct 2017 | reviews

No other writer can evoke the blurry, ambiguous feeling of dreaming quite like Lyacos. His work has been described as ‘apocalyptic’ and ‘eschatological’. ‘Purgatorial’ might be nearer the mark. Where else but in a dream does one grapple, over and over again, with one’s own soul in all its grisly glory?

Free State Review
Z213: EXIT

Oct 2017 | reviews

Who is this narrator running from? The law? An invading force? A surveillance state? His own death? God? The same could be said of any of us, because all of us make our own mysteries with our guilt.

Journal of Poetics Research
A Column of Cloud and a Column-of-Fire: Dimitris Lyacos’ Poena Damni

Sep 2017 | reviews

One of the most original and significant texts to have come out of Europe in the past generation is Dimitris Lyacos’ poetic trilogy, Poena Damni. I call it ‘poetic’ because there is no word that quite describes a work that moves alternately between poetry, prose, and drama, and that turns each like a prism in a quest for meaning that yields no final stability but only a ‘further horizon of pain’ (The First Death, Section X). A Column of Cloud and a Column-of-Fire: Dimitris Lyacos’ Poena Damni, by Robert Zaller. JPR 07, September 2017. Sydney, Australia

Compulsive Reader
Z213: EXIT (Second Edition)

Aug 2017 | reviews

Dimitris Lyacos’ Z213: EXIT is a revelation. A masterpiece. Distinctly postmodern yet entirely unclassifiable, it is everything and nothing all at once. Despite the myriad references to literature, it is entirely new – I have never read anything like it, and this stunning translation is truly head-spinning