Some works of World-Renowned Poet Dimitris Lyacos

A newspaper article by Eleni Sakellis. The National Herald, New York

Published: Feb 2016
Location: New York USA
Reviewed by: Eleni Sakellis

Elemental themes of life and death, loss and the resurrection of the dead along with the figure of the revenant of Greek and Balkan folklore appear, provoking images of vampires within this postmodernist, genre-defying work influenced by ancient and modern religion, the epic poetry of Homer and Dante, and the plays of Aeschylus. The surreal, nightmarish feeling of dislocation in the work is Kafkaesque while also recalling the work of James Joyce. The theatricality of the piece, especially in the second installment of the trilogy, With the People from the Bridge, which centers on a play within the poem, adds a remarkable layer of meaning to this extraordinary work.

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