Poena Damni - The first death by Dimitris Lyacos

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Published: Sep 2019
Location: Melbourne Australia
Reviewed by: Tony Malone
Review of book: THE FIRST DEATH

Regular readers may remember my posts a while back on the first two parts of Greek writer Dimitris Lyacos’ Poena Damni trilogy, and today’s review sees me finishing off the work with a look at the third section. It’s an intriguing, perplexing cycle of books, with each having it’s own unique style; where Z213: Exit was a series of confusing prose fragments, With the People from the Bridge was a confronting play, and today’s choice takes us in yet another direction. This one can most definitely be filed under poetry, but that’s probably the only confident statement I’m prepared to make about it – this isn’t a book that gives up its secrets lightly…

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