Dimitris Lyacos' Z213: Exit (vol. 1 of Poena Damni trilogy)

The temz review

Published: Apr 2021
Location: London UK
Reviewed by: Aaron Schneider
Review of book: Z213: EXIT

Translated by Shorsha Sullivan and published by Shoestring Press as part of a beautifully-designed box set, Z213: Exit, the first volume in Dimitris Lyacos’ three-volume long poem Poena Damni, is a vertiginous work that is at once archetypal, transcendent, and uniquely suited to this particular moment in time. Poised between novella, poem and journal, Z213: Exit tracks a man’s escape from a guarded building and his flight through a nightmarish, seemingly post-apocalyptic landscape. The man carries with him a Bible between whose passages he records his journey, and the text of the poem is a palimpsest of fragments ...

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