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See a multimedia presentation of the Sound and Sculpture Installation

The sculptures of Fritz Unegg combine with the voices of the characters to create a unique experience. More




Watch video extracts from The Myia dance company's acclaimed adaptation

Dimitris Lyacos's narrative trilogy Poena Damni is a dark allegory focusing on the extremes of human existence. The story unfolds on a motif of fragmented monologues - isolated visions of characters almost in a state of trance. More




Z213: EXIT, French Edition. Translated by Michel Volkovitch. Le Miel des Anges, November 2017.[Buy now]

THE FIRST DEATH (Poena Damni Book 3). (Second Revised Edition). Translated into English by Shorsha Sullivan. Shoestring Press, October 2017. [Buy paperback] [Buy Kindle]

Z213: EXIT (Poena Damni Book 1). (Second Revised Edition. Translated into English by Shorsha Sullivan. Shoestring Press, October 2016. [Buy paperback] [Buy Kindle]

With the People from the Bridge. Translated in English by Shorsha Sullivan. Shoestring Press. Nottingham, October 2014. [Buy now]

DER ERSTE TOD (second edition). Translated in German by Nina-Maria Wanek. Verlagshaus J. Frank. Berlin, March 2014. See 2014 publishers catalogue here. Order now.

Z213: EXIT . Translated into English by Shorsha Sullivan. March 2010. Shoestring Press.[Buy Now - Read Excerpts]

Ζ213: ΕΞΟΔΟΣ. Εκδόσεις Τυπωθήτω, Αθήνα 2009.

Der Erste Tod (German Edition). Translated from Greek by Nina-Maria Wanek. With a postscriptum by Antonjin Frey. Verlagshaus J. Frank | Berlin, 2008. [Buy Now - Read Excerpts]

Poena Damni - Nyctivoe. Translated into English by Shorsha Sullivan (includes DVD with audio performance directed by Piers Burton-Page, slide show of sculptures by Fritz Unegg, and video by Gudrun Bielz). Shoestring Press, March, 2005. [Buy Now - Read Excerpts]

O πρώτος θάνατος (The first death). Poetry, Οδός Πανός, Athens, 1996.[Buy Now - Read Excerpts] Poena Damni, The First Death. With six masks by Friedrich Unegg. Translated by   Shorsha Sullivan. Shoestring Press, Nottingham, 2000. [Buy Now - Read Excerpts] 

Poena Damni, Nyctivoe (Greek original and German translation - translated by  Nina-Maria Jaklitsch). CTL Presse Germany, Hamburg, 2001. [Buy Now - Read Excerpts]


Periodicals/Newspapers (printed):


Dimitris Lyacos interviewed by John Taylor. New Walk Magazine, May 2016.

Dimitris Lyacos Special Feature. The Bitter Oleander Journal, Issue 22, Vol. 1, Spring 2016, New York.

Me tous anthropous apo ti gefyra (With the people from the bridge), excerpt p. 48 of the English edition, in Unfollow Magazine, Issue 46, October 2015 Athens, Greece.

Z213: Exit, Excerpts 1 and 5 in The Bitter Oleander Journal, Volume 21, Number 1. Spring 2015 New York.

Z213: Exit, Extract 16 in The National Herald, Issue 688, December 2010, New York.

Z213: Exit, Extract 1, 2 in Bordercrossing Berlin, Issue 1, Berlin 2007.

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Z213: Exit Extract 16, Arabesques Review, printed edition, Winter 2006, Algiers, Algeria.

Der Erste Tod, XIII, Belletristik, Ausgabe 06, Berlin 2008.

The first death IV-V, in "Γραφή" n. 30, Larissa Spring 1995.The first death II-III, in "Ευθύνη" n. 284 Athens August 1995.

Page 9 (1986) and 11,13 (1989) in "il Portolano" n. 4 October-December 1995, Florence, Italy. Italian translation by Dr. Emanuela Perrone.




A feature on Dimitris Lyacos' trilogy in the Journal of Poetics' Research including a wide selection of excerpts and an article by Robert Zaller. October 2017, Sydney, Australia.

Omnibus. A selection of excerpts translated in Spanish by Javier Aldabalde and Marcelo de Maio. Granada, March 2017.

Asymptote Journal. An excerpt from Z213: EXIT (Second Revised Edition). English translation accompanied by Greek original and audio version. October 2016.

Greek Avant Garde Poetry. Collected and Edited by Panos Bosnakis. Big Bridge Magazine, Autumn 2016.

Levure Litteraire. A selection of exerpts from the Poena Damni trilogy in the Greek original and translations in four languages. Issue 12, May 2016.

M'Sur Magazine. A selection of excerpts from the Poena Damni trilogy, translated in Spanish translation by Alessandro Lo Coco. Madrid, Spain, October 2015.

Trafika Europe. Excerpt from With the people from the bridge. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 2015.

ALPIALDELAPALABRA. Excerpts from Poena Damni in Spanish translation.

International Writing Program, University of Iowa. Excerpts from Poena Damni including first draft publication of "With the People from the Bridge".

THE GREEN DOOR. Various excerpts from Z213:EXIT and The First Death. Illustrated by Sylvie Proidl. The Green Door, Issue 8, Ghent Belgium 2012.

TUDA Magazine. Excerpt from Nyctivoe translated in Portuguese by Eduardo Miranda. October 2011.

Reconstruction (extracts 1, 2 from Z213: Exit in Greek original and English translation), October 2010.

Othervoices Poetry Project(extracts 2 and 3 from Z213: Exit in English translation). May 2009.

Famous poets and poems (translation of extract 5 from Z213: Exit)

Nth Position (translation of extract 5 from Z213: Exit as a previous draft) Eyewear(translation of extract 7 from Z213: Exit)

Poeticanet (Greek original and translations of extracts 6 and 8 from Z213: Exit) nthWORD Magazine (Translations of extracts 7,8,9,24 from Z213: Exit. Artwork by Chelynn Tetreault)

Poetrybay (English translation of extract 9 from Z213:Exit)

Mg Version Datura (English translation of extract 10 from Z213: Exit) Poetrysz (English translation of extracts 11,12 from Z213: Exit)

Segue (Extracts 10,11,12 are also published in Segue, University of Miami, followed by an interview with the author).

Snr Review (English translation of extracts 13,14,15 from Z213: Exit) Wordriot (Draft English translation of extracts 13,14,15 from Z213: Exit)

Arabesques Review (extract 16 from Z213: Exit/ draft English translation)

The National Herald (extract 16 from Z213: Exit)

Mg Version Datura (extract 18 from Z213: Exit /English traslation - French translation by Walter Ruhlmann). Spring 2010.

Lunarosity (New Mexico) (English translation of extract 20 from Z213:Exit).Winter 2009.

Ducts (English translation of extract 23 from Z213:Exit).Winter 2009.

The Bluejewyorker (New York) (English translation of extracts 22-24 from Z213:Exit)

PoetrySz Magazine, Two excerpts from Z213: EXIT.

Oregon Literary Review (audio extract from Nyctivoe), October 2005.

Words on the Web Anthology of three Greek and three Irish poets (Nanos Valaoritis, Tassos Denegris, Dimitris Lyacos, Patrick Chapman, Susan Millar Dumars, Kevin Higgins) containing excerpts from Lyacos' trilogy.